Sharp Jumper Wire Soldering Iron Tips for 936 Series Soldering Station

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Ultra-sharp Soldering Iron Tips for 936 Series Electric Welding Station iPhone Jumper Wire Welding Head

The sharp soldering iron tip is dedicated to the iPhone jumper, used in the 936 series soldering station, and used for iPhone iPad motherboard repair, only need to repair the tin gap between the chips. Superfine soldering iron tip is chemical, non-magnetic and easy to tin for iPhone PCB BGA jumper wire. The ultra-sharp tip will make your iPhone / cell phone circuit repairs more convenient

  • Made of high quality oxygen-free copper which is of fast conductance and heat resistance up to 480° for durable use.
  • Ultra-sharp solder iron tip makes soldering those delicate, tighter connections easier and convenient
  • If used in an appropriate way, its lifetime can reach over 20000 welding joints.
  • There are many advantages of the ultra-sharp solder iron tip, just like long life, not easy to be oxidized but easy to install and use it.
  • It has high quality and stable performance. Using the sponge to polish the surface. Please do not leave them exposed to the air, you'd better wrap them with tin.

  • Name: Superfine soldering iron tip
  • Material: pure copper
  • Application: Suitable for 936 soldering station, 907 handle, internal heating electric soldering iron, etc.
  • Model: 900M-SI-I
  • Net weight: 4.6g
  • Material: pure copper
  • Color: golden
  • Plating: Iron and Nickel (Finish)
  • Outer Diameter: approx. 6.7mm / 0.26"
  • Inner Diameter: approx. 4.0mm / 0.16"
  • Length: approx. 43cm / 16.93"
  • (Tips: Size is by manual measurement, only for reference )
  • Temperature Range: 200-480°

Package List:
  • 1pc x 900M-T-I straight head / 900M-T-SI curved head

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