SKY78132-51 Power Amplifier IC 78131-13 PA IC Chip For Huawei P30

Option: 78132-51


Huawei PA chip SKY78132-51 78185-21 77795-1 ENGSAMP power amplifier IC, SKY78132-51 SKY78185-21 SKY78130-13 SKY77619-51 SKY77795-1 SKY78131-13 power amplifier IC for Huawei P30 repair tools, replacement for broken or unusable power amplifier IC, Smartphones motherboard circuit board repair replacement parts, and mobile phone electronics repair accessories.

SKY78132-51 78185-21 Power Amplifier IC For Huawei P30 Motherboard Repair

Option Amplifier IC Types:
  • Option 1: SKY78132-51
  • Option 2: SKY78185-21
  • Option 3: SKY78130-13
  • Option 4: SKY77619-51
  • Option 5: SKY77795-1
  • Option 6: SKY78131-13


  1. Original new.
  2. 100% tested with high quality
  3. Package: Sealed tape

Package includes:

  • 1pcs x Power Amplifier IC

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