Small Carton Rosin Solder Paste Welding Flux for Phone Repair

Size: 5pcs


PHONEFIX High Quality Small Carton Rosin Solder Paste Flux Soft Soldering Iron Welding Flux for Phone BGA Repair Tool

  1. 100% New Brand and High Quality
  2. Fluxing excellent results,joint high intensity
  3. Good insulation
  4. No corrosion,IC and PCB for no corrosive
  5. Smooth welding surface
  6. No deterioration and no dry

Item Specification:
  • Material: Natural resin 
  • Viscosity: 100(Pa·S)
  • Granularity: 50(um)
  • Melting point: 128 °C
  • Neutral PH 7 soil 0.3

Package includes:
  • 5pcs x Carton Rosin

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