Jakemy JM-Z13 Adjustable Fixed Frame Phone Repair Holder



  1. Specification: 4 in 1
  2. Size:20x6x15cm
  3. Features: rotating side control device can be adjusted randomly, bracket opening Angle,
  4. Application: apply to cell phones and circuit board maintenance operations
  5. Including: three different types of screwdrivers.PH000 1.5mm, Flathead 2.0mm and 5-Point 0.8mm.
  6. Open the holder and then adjust the angle with the side spiral according to your repairing needs.
  7. Closed holder's usage as the mobile phone adjusted PCB holder.Adjust the width to the size you need.
  8. Maximum size is for 5.5" cellphone and push the buckles up and down to fix the disassembled cellphone.

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