Soldering Iron Exhaust Fan Smoke Exhauster Machine with LED Light

Voltage: 220V


FA-400 bench soldering iron smoke exhaust fan, 220V / 110V soldering iron smoke absorber for mobile phone repair tool, welding smoke exhauster machine for mobile phone motherboard soldering repair tool, lighting and smoking has independent switch control respectively, the exhaust smoke fan can fixed on the table, with powerful wind, and it can use as lamp for lighting when you repair.

Soldering Iron Smoke Exhauster Machine Phone Repair Smoking Machine

  1. FA-400 bench top smoke absorber.
  2. The FA-400 removes soldering smoke and fumes quickly, safely and efficiently.
  3. It is a small exhaust fan that designed to filter and absorb smoke that comes out while soldering and Desoldering.
  4. This soldering smoke exhauster will make your soldering jobs more convenient while you repairing mobile phone in workshop.
  5. Application: Soldering Smoke Absorption, phone repair Soldering iron smoke absorber

[ Option type ] :
  • Option 1: 220V
  • Option 2: 110V

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x Adapter
  • 1pcs x Exhaust Fan

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