Soldering Iron Soft Steel Wire Ball Welding Iron Tip Dross Cleaner

Option: Without metal shell


Universal soldering iron cleaner is mobile phone maintenance tool, golden solder iron tip cleaner cleaning wire ball, welding head and electric soldering iron cleaner, welding nozzle cleaning tool for universal soldering iron tips cleaning, It is designed to clean your soldering tips without water or messy wet sponges.

Phone Soldering Iron Tip Soft Cleaning Steel Ball Welding Tool Cleaner

  • Option 1: Without metal shell
  • Option 2: With metal shell

  1. It is smokeless, tasteless, not rusty, non-toxic with no pollution
  2. No water needed
  3. Save energy and maintain temperature of the iron
  4. Faster working cycle
  5. It has better cleaning effect than conventional sponges
  6. No temperature drop
  7. It won't damage your soldering tips
  8. Heavy duty stainless steel holder
  9. Made of lead free wires

The soldering iron cleaning tool is made of low abrasive brass shavings which are better than traditional sponges and make your maintenance more convenient.

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x Iron Tip Cleaning Tool

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