Soldering Tips Head 900M-CJ Solder Iron Tips Phone Repair Tool Set



Soldering Tips Welding Head 900M-CJ Electric Solder Iron Tips Repair Tools Set for Phone PCB BGA UV Glue Cleaning Remover

  • 900M-T-CJ Solder Iron Tip is the Special Cell Phone PCB BGA UV Glue Cleaning Tool, iPhone / Mobile Phone Circuit Board BGA UV Glue Remover, it is used for cleaning the UV glue more easily with heating.
  • UV Glue Remover Solder Iron Tip is designed for working on universal hot iron station: Hakko / atten / quick and other iron station: 900M.933.376. 907. 913. 951, 898D, 852D...
  • The heat resistant 900M series pure copper solder iron tip will assit you in copper jumper wire soldering, the high precision tip will make your iPhone / cell Phone repairs more convenient

  • High precision tip
  • High quality copper iron tip
  • High temperature resistant tip
  • Premium for Cell phone PCB BGA UV glue cleaning tool

Package List:
  • 1pc x 900M-T-CJ Solder Iron Tip

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