SP-360C IR Heating BGA Rework Station BGA soldering & desoldering



Shuttle Star SP-360C BGA Rework Station with PLC control and Touch screen, with english menu.

Embedded industrial computer, touch screen interface, PLC control; real-time temperature curve display, able to display set curve and practically-tested curve; 7.2 high definition screen, convenient for operation and observation

The temperatures of the upper and lower heater can be precisely controlled according to set temperatures; bottom constant temperature infrared heating area; appropriate temperature control apparatus can ensure safe rework for BGA

The BGA soldering supporting frame can micro-adjusted to avoid local sinkage

Powerful cross flow can cool the lower heating area

The adjustable PCB positioning supports, easy and fast to install PCB; special fixture for installing allotype boards
with sound alarming function after finishing soldering or desoldering; hand vacuum pen easy for picking up BGA

Set with over temperature alarming and protection function

Equipped with different hot gas nozzles, easy to replace; can be customized according to specific needs

The integrated design of machine and chassis is room-saving.

Applicable PCB size
Max PCB size: 430mmX350mm

Applicable BGA size
Max size: 55mmX55mm
Min size: 7mmX7mm
Max weight: 80g
Power for operation: 3600W
Main heater: 800W
Lower heater: 800W
Bottom heater: 2400W

Machine dimension: 650*500*600mm
Input power: AC 220V(50/60Hz) 3.6KW

SP360C BGA rework station

Package list
  • Shuttle Star SP-360C BGA rework station
Accessories :
  • Nozzles 5 pcs (44, 41, 38, 31, 26 mm, 1pc for each size)
  • Tools box
  • Inside the hexangular wrench
  • Clamp for Motherbord
  • Brush1
  • USB mouse
  • Vacumm IC pikcer
  • Aluminium plate for BGA IC reballing
  • Thermo sensor wire(High precision)
  • Reballing stencils holder
  • Reballing stencils
  • English manual 1 book

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