SS-T12A iPhone Motherboard Pre-heater for iPhone X/XS/XS Max

Condition: SS-T12A Main Unit


SS-T12A Heating Station with different iPhone Motherboard Heating groove, T12A-X T12A-XS T12A-XSM iPhone X XS MAX Double Layers Board Preheating Rework Station, iPhone 5S 6 7 motherboard desoldering station, SS-T12A Heating Station for iphone 6 7 8 X XS MAX motherboard desoldering repair.

SS-T12A Heating Station Main Unit + Five kinds Motherboard Heating groove:
  • T12A-X
  • T12A-XS
  • T12A-XSM
  • T12A-CPU
  • T12A-F
SUNSHINE SS-T12A iPhone X upper / lower motherboard preheating station adopt special heating design and precise temperature control capability, which will locate accurately locate the needed heating part. SS-T12A has dual bayonet design to make iPhone  X motherboard stable.

100V-240V SS-T12A iPhone X mainboard stratified 185 degrees accurate rapid separated disassembly heating station

iPhone X logic board was folded in half, two layers then were soldered together, the upper layer is the mainboard, and the lower layer is the signal board. Which made our repair much difficult to proceed, how to repair iPhone X logic board in fast and efficient method, need the professional iPhone X motherboard repair tools

Features : 
  1. Adopting 185-degree layered process to remove the IP-X motherboard, not only from our fine analysis of IP-X solder paste ,but depends on the special heating design and precise temperature control of SS-T12A.
  2. SS-T12A only heats the area that the IP-X board needs to be removed to prevent improper heating.
  3. Dual bayonet design, make sure the IP-X motherboard is stable on the stage.
  4. High purity copper is used as a film to ensure uniform heat transfer and heat.

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