Stainless Steel Anti-static Tweezers Kit for PCB Soldering Repair Tool

Option: CS-10


PHONEFIX 6 Kinds Stainless Steel Anti-static Tweezers Pointed Tip Tweezers Set for Cell Phone PCB Soldering Repair Tool

Optional Type:
  • Option 1: CS-10
  • Option 2: CS-11
  • Option 3: CS-12
  • Option 4: CS-13
  • Option 5: CS-14
  • Option 6: CS-15
  • Option 7: 6Pcs Full Set

  1. The tweezers is made by antacid steel, resists corrosion, big strength factor, anti-static, good elasticity, anti-magnetic.
  2. With high precision, pointed / mouth / flat head bending 6 kinds of optional
  3. Very light & easy to handle help reduce hand pressure.
  4. It's safe to pick up electronic components for cell phone repair, Cell Phone Logic Board Repair Tool

  • Item name: Stainless Steel ESD Tweezers
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Yellow
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Weight: 0.09kg / 1pc

Package included:
  • 1pc x Steel ESD Tweezers

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