HR1520 Shortkiller Pro Circuit Fault Detector DC Short Detection Tool



HR1520 Shortkiller pro short-circuit detector is the strong DC power supply for short-circuit fault detection in circuit board, Short-circuit fault detection for various mobile phones and computers, It can help the technician to judge the current interruption of the main board accurately and quickly, bring you a convenient short-circuit fault detection and repair experience.

Shortkiller pro short-circuit detector: fault detection in circuit board

Features : 
  1. Support output Voltage 0-15V, Current 0-20A
  2. New Shortkiller pro is good for detecting all kinds of short circuit
  3. It can detect short circuits in seconds and fix it
  4. It can be used to detect short circuit on any cell phones and laptop PCB.

Specification :
  • Power-on test short-circuit
  • Fault point automatic burnout
  • Position fault fast and accurate
  • Real-time display current voltage
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Safe and efficient
  • Overheating protection
  • Positive and negative polarity recognition
  • Short-circuit fault detection for various mobile phones and computer

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x HR1520 Shortkiller Pro Detector

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