SUGON T26 Soldering Station Lead-free 2S Rapid Heating Soldering Repair

Voltage: 110V
Added function: JBC C210-002


SUGON T26 lead-free soldering station - optional voltage 110V / 220V, SUGON 80W power electric soldering station, SUGON T26 precision soldering station with one T26 soldering handle and one power cable for phone BGA PCB reballing welding

Description :

2 seconds temporary warming humanized design, convenient for the use of maintenance personnel, Innovative design, high-quality guarantee, The precision iron head can be used with JBC 210 handle

Features :
  1. Three memory channels are CH1, CH2, CH3, and the temperature of each channel can be set separately for storage and recall.
  2. Easy real-time operation, it immediately into sleep mode when the handle is placed on holder.
  3. The single-chip microcomputer control system can make the temperature of the soldering iron head rise rapidly, which means that the user can operate at a lower temperature and improve the soldering quality and working efficiency. When the soldering iron is in the sleep state, can prolong the life time of heating element

Application :
  • Input voltage: 220V / 110V 50HZ
  • Output temperature: 200 ~ 500 degrees Celsius
  • Power: 80W
  • Max Ambient Temperature: 40℃
  • Temperature Stability: ±2℃/Without air flow and no load
  • Tip to Ground Resistance: <1Ω ( DC )
  • Tip to Ground Potential: <25mV ( True RMS ) 

Note: Just use the metal part of the handle to touch the iron stand (don't use the sharp tip) the temperature immediately rises by 80 degrees for 15 second

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