Sunshine SS-022B Anti-Static Cleaning Brush For Phone PCB Repair

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Sunshine SS-022B double-headed dual-use bristle brush for mobile phone cleaning repair tool, anti-static PCB safe cleaning brush, Ferramentas grade A+++ double-headed bristle brush for cell phone motherboard PCB cleaning brush, Mobile phone repair double-headed dual-use hard brush, bristle & superfine steel cleaning brush

SUNSHINE SS-022B Safe Brush Anti-Static Motherboard Cleaning Bristle Brush Suitable For Mobile Phone Repair IC Pad Cleaning / Motherboard / PCB Removal Glue, etc

Product Features :
  1. Suitable for mobile phone repair IC pad cleaning / motherboard removal
  2. Remove glue from mobile phone motherboard
  3. Electronic components cleaning
  4. Computer motherboard glue removal
  5. Clean up the dust
  6. Excellent cleaning effect, no deformation, no hair loss, durable
  7. Anti-static design of bristles, high hardness, easy to clean between the motherboard

Product Specification :

  • Item name: Double-headed dual-purpose bristle brush
  • Model: SS-022B
  • Material: Bristle
  • Color: Blue
  • Net weight: 12g
  • Gross weight: 13g
  • Product Size: 142.5*12*9mm
  • Application: Motherboard soldering and cleaning

Package included :

  • 1pcs x Double-headed Bristle Brush

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