Super hard VETUS Tweezers High Precision Sharp-Pointed

Option: 5SA-JP


Switzerland VETUS 5SA-JP Tweezers Hyperfine High-Precision Sharp-pointed Tweezers for Mobile Phone Repair

Switzerland VETUS 5SA-JP Tweezers: Ultra precision, Sharp-pointed, Super hard...

  1. Adopt advanced thick stainless steel, Overall heat treatment, High hardness (HRC 45).
  2. The surface is polished and sandblasted matte treatment.
  3. Non-magnetic, Wear resistance, Corrosion resistance, High temperature, Hyperfine, High-Precision, Anti-Acid.
  4. Ultra precision tweezers to repair watches, mobile phones and other sophisticated devices

Package List:
  • 1pc x VETUS Tweezers

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