SW-80 Thermostat Soldering Iron With Soldering Tin Feeding Kit 80W

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Thermostat soldering iron with soldering tin feeding kit


1. Manually tin-feed system, suitable for various soldering station and
iron, single operation is available.
2. Manual ways of tin-wire feeding, designed
for adjustable knob, more functions available and adjustable,


Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
Max Power: 80W
Temperature range: 200-450
Meet the impressible temperature requirement
Lead-Free welding tip
Microcomputer intelligence temperature controller
With constant temperature controller, ±30℃
ceramics heat core

One-hand operation , welding and send tin integration efforts temperature can be set between 200-500 degrees from the thermostat can be quickly replaced and automatically welded tin, 0.8-2.0 tin tin lines are combined to send the controller can accurately adjust to the tip the maximum stroke 6mm special tin plating tip, long life durability of this product can be used with the technical parameters of continuous work on the production line.

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