T12-D Soldering Station Constant Temperature Lead-Free 100V-240V

Model: T12-D
Added function: T12-BC1 tips


T12-D Constant Temperature Lead-free Soldering Station phone PCB Repair

Auto sleep, Auto standby, 5 seconds for heating, Immersion tin in 6 seconds, Fast back temperature
Enhance temperature in One-button, Adjustable sleep time, Adjustable standby time

Product Specification : 
  • Voltage range: 110V-230V
  • Power: 72W
  • Temperature range: 150-450°C
  • Strengthen with one click : 530°C
Improvement 951 Thermostat soldering station new SFDER T12-D

Five advantages on SFD T12-D soldering iron heat core
  1. Compared with ordinary iron tip plating for 10 hours , our soldering iron is electroplated for more than 30 hours.
  2. Ordinary soldering iron head adopt domestic heating core, while our soldering iron head use imported heating core.Ordinary soldering iron tip without any code, but our soldering iron tip uses a unique code, you can trace to the source.
  3. When ordinary tip heated above 350 degrees, of which the temperature will jump for at least five minutes, and it will continue to jump when the temperature reaches.
  4. 500 degrees or more. While our soldering iron tip won't jump and can be used directly.
  5. The heat transfer of soldering iron head is high, and temperature of the iron tip is accurate. Difference of actual display temperature is not more than 2 degree.

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