TM-902c Temperature Meters Digital Thermometer Thermodetector



TM-902c Temperature Meters K type thermocouple digital Thermometer

Features : 
  1. It can be used with any standard K-type (NICR-NIAI) sensor supporting the use of
  2. For standard K-type probe socket
  3. LCD lets you even in bright places can clearly read the display data
  4. Low-Power LCD
  5. LSI with high reliability and durability
  6. High accuracy, and the measurement range of the light
  7. Solid, lightweight and easy to operate
  8. Use high-quality multi-turn variable resistor circuit, the thermometer to maintain a high accuracy and high reliability
  9. Line using high-quality components to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the temperature range
  10. Power: 9V battery
  11. Size: 20*70*105mm
  12. Impedance: 10M ohm

Technical characteristics : 
  1. Sensor Type: K-type thermocouple and devices (NiCr-Niai)
  2. Resolution: 1oC

Instrument accuracy : 
  • 0 oC to 500 oC: ± (0.75% + 1oC)
  • 500oC to 750oC: ± (1% + 1oC)
  • 0 oC to 20 oC: ± 2oC
  • -20oC to -40oC: ± 3oC
  • -40oC to -50oC: ± 4oC

Package List : 
  • 1pcs x TM-902C K Type Thermometer
  • 1pcs x Thermocouple Probe
  • 1pcs x Thermocouple Needle Probe(Liquid)

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