Mechanic TP2500 LOCA UV Glue Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive Glue

Package: 5ML


TP-2500 UV LOCA Glue Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive Glue Transparent Adhesive Suitable for All Smartphone Touch Display Screen Repair

Option 1: TP-2500-5cc
Option 2: TP-1000 10cc
Option 3: TP-2500 -30g

1. Made of acrylic, high quality and 100% brand new.
2. It can be used to repair any cell phone/ LCD screen.
3. Good transmission and flexibility.
4. Clear and efficient.
5. Strong adhensive force, stuck on the screen firmly.

1. Avoid exposure to sunshine and ultraviolet layers.
2. It should be stored in a place with a temperature from 10 to 30 degrees.
3. Cover and seal this UV glue right after use.

1. Apply 1.5g UV glue in the middle of LCD screen.
2. Clear up the other area of screen.
3.Adhesive the front glass (make sure use mold to align correctly)
4. Make sure complete screen exposure to the UV and wait for 3-5 mins till process finishes.

1. Type : TP-2500
2. Material : Acrylic
3. Validity period : 6 months
4. Brookfield viscosity (25℃) : 2500 mPa·S
5. Refractive index (25℃) : 1.48
6. Transmission (%) : >99
7. Haze : <1
8. Elongation (%) : >1000
9. Store hardness : 10
10. Storage temp : 10~30℃, RH<70% (This glue MUST be stored in a dark room and under the right temperature.)
11. Compatibility : All cellphone/ LCD screens/ glass/ Lens.

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