Transparent ESD Eye Protection Glasses Welding Protective Eyewear

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Transparent safety goggles glasses eye protection work anti-dust clear lens, PC-safety welding goggles is a universal anti-dust/ smoke/ shock eye protection glasses, which protects your eyes from other foreign objects such as dust and smoke. It's widely used in welding, medical, industrial, construction, field operations, labor insurance, military and other fields.

Small area, light weight, easy to carry and easy to wear.
Shatter and scratch resistant polycarbonate lens
Brand new and high quality
Universal headband, not adjustable
Fog resistant and offers UV protection
Anti-dust, anti-smoke, anti-shock...
Plastic frame PC glasses

Product description:
The whole chip PC protection glasses, adjustable glasses legs, soft PVC nose piece, can provide flank protection,anti scratch, anti shock, anti ultraviolet radiation, anti fog.

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Color: Transparent

Instructions for use:
Before use, please carefully check the protective glasses, if there is any damage immediately give change. Before Entering the danger zone, ensure that the protective glasses worn properly, to ensure the use of
Comfort and safety.

Storage instructions:
Products stored in the original packaging, light and placed in a dry place, away from the chemicals, and corrosive substances.

Cleaning and maintenance instructions:
Clean with a mild soap and water, and to wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Package includes:
1pcs x Eye Protection Glasses

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