Transparent Screwdriver Storage Bracket Repair Tools Organizer Holder



PHONEFIX Transparent Acrylic Plastic Desk Storage Box Precision Screwdriver Rack Tweezers Storage Bracket for Phone Repair Organizer Holder

  1. Transparent Acrylic Precision Screwdriver Organizer.
  2. Mobile phone Repair Screwdriver tool storage rack bracket.
  3. Acrylic Plastic Transparent Screwdriver Storage bracket.
  4. Desktop Precision Screwdriver Storage Rack Phone Repair Tool Organizer holder

  • Material: Acrylic plastic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: 23.4cm*4.8cm*5.5cm (L*W*H) 

  • Used for storage phone repair parts screws , small screws.
  • Without any phone repair tools in package, just the storage rack bracket.

Package included:
  • 1pc x Screwdriver Storage Rack

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