UT139C UT139 True RMS Digital Multimeters PCB Fault Testing Tool

size: UT139


UNI-T UT139C True RMS Digital Multimeters Handheld LCD Display Tester

Option 1: UT139A
Option 2: UT139B
Option 3: UT139C

UT139 Series: UT139A / UT139B /UT139C digital multimeters are newly designed to offer users better performance and higher safety rating. Totally over-load protection and unique structural design make it new type of multimeter with high performance/ price ratio and a best choice for electricians used in electrical maintenance and repairing.

1.True RMS for the whole series;
2.Measure signals with varied frequency (VFC);
3.Measure large capacitance up to 100mF;
4.Optional AC/DC 60A current clamps in different models to measure current up to 60A(1mv=1A);
5.NCV designed for the whole series, a necessity for electricians;
6.AA1.5V*2(5#) battery, easy for users to purchase and replace;
7.Soft rubber holster is easy to stand 2m drop;
8.Optional magnetic hanging strap offered to facilitate tests in special location;
9.Fast to replace fuse, just by opening battery cover;
10.Reliable with use of internal 2PCS fuses with high-breaking capacity;
11.Protection against 600V input/1 minute from misconnection;
12.Safety Rating: CAT III 600V.

Package list:
1 * UNI-T UT139C True RMS Digital Multimeters
2 * Test Leads
1 * Temperature Probe

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