UNI-T UTP1306S 0-32V 0-6A DC Adjustable Linear Power Supply

Voltage: 220V


UNI-T UTP1306S adjustable DC power supply single AC 32V/6A 220V input DC power supply, UTP1306S single-channel linear DC power supply for phone repair, adjustable DC power supply switch 0~32V/0~6A AC 220V 50Hz, mini LED digit display DC power supply are single-channel linear DC power supplies with low ripple/noise, overload protection and constant voltage/current features.

UNI-T UTP1306S 0-32V 0-6A Adjustable Linear DC Power Supply Single Channel DC Power Supply

  • Model: UTP1306S
  • Rated output current: 0~6A
  • Output Power: 192W
  • Load regulation rate voltage: <0.3%+5mV
  • Current: <0.2%+3mA
  • Power regulation rate voltage: <0.3%+5mV
  • Current: <0.2%+3mA
  • Set resolution voltage: 10mV
  • Current: 1mA
  • Readback resolution voltage: 10mV
  • Current: 1mA
  • Setting Accuracy (25℃±5℃)
  • Voltage: <0.5%+5mV
  • Current: <0.2%+3mA
  • Ripple and Noise (20Hz~20MHz) Voltage: ≤10mVrms
  • Current: ≤2mArms
  • Temperature Coefficient
  • Voltage: ≤300ppm/℃
  • Current: ≤300ppm/℃
  • Display Type: LED digital tube display
  • Voltage: AC 220V (can shift) ±10%
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x UTP1306S DC Power Supply

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