UNI-T UTP3305 Precision DC Power Supply 32V 5A Dual Channel

Voltage: 220V


UNI-T UTP3305 Dual channel DC Power Supply 32V 5A Precision Variable


Dual channel, two circuits of adjustable output voltage 0~32V and one circuit of fixed voltage 5V.
Master-slave tracking, constant voltage and current, I, II circuit can be used for master-slave tracking and used in parallel or in series.
Forced ventilation, temperature control cooling system. When the temperature reaches 65℃, the device dissipates heat automatically.
Display mode: LED digital tube display,can show voltage and current simultaneously.
Low ripple, low noise.
High regulation: 0.01%.
Output ON/OFF control.
Constant voltage and constant current operation. 
Optional European standard output terminal.
Overload protection, reverse polarity protection.


Channels CH1 CH2 CH3
Output Voltage 0~32 V 5 V Fixed
Output Current 0~5 A 3 A Max
Series Tracking 0~64 V -
Parallel Tracking 0~10 A -
Load Regulation Voltage ≤0.01%+3 mV ≤3%+5mV
Current ≤0.2%+3 mA -
Power Regulation Voltage ≤0.01%+3 mV 5 mV
Current ≤0.1%+3 mA -
Noise Voltage ≤ 1mVrms ≤2 mVrms
Current ≤3 mArms -
General Characteristics
Power Supply  Input voltage:220VAC/110VA;Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
Product Color  White+Grey
Product Weight About 10.5 kg
Product Size (W×H×D) 260mm × 176mm × 317mm

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