Universal 80mm/ 90mm BGA Reballing Station BGA Stencils Holder Jig



Universal 80mm/ 90mm BGA reballing station BGA stencils holder jig for iPhone BGA CPU IC chip soldering repair, BGA rework jig 80mm / 90mm stencil holder solder reflowing reballing tool assist, Universal BGA reballing template holder 80mm / 90mm BGA reballing station, BGA reball station with fast automatic adjust button and magnet

Universal BGA Reballing Station with Free 3pcs 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.76mm Stencils

Mini support 4*4mm chip minimumly
Dimensions: 80mm *80mm and 90mm * 90mm.

Product Features :
  1. It is made of Aluminum alloy structure, lightweight and durable structure
  2. We used the old models have such an experience: It is too much trouble to adjust the position of the chips.
  3. Need to repeatedly adjust the folder block in order to align the center position, time-consuming and laborious.
  4. This New reballing station is with automatic centering function, rotating spiral disk, four folders block locking chips without a single adjustment.
  5. Positioning accuracy standards, clamping speed, high efficiency.

Note :
  1. For both 80mm and 90mm stencils
  2. No need use wrench to adjust the height, just use finger up and down
  3. Suitable for rectangle chips (picture below), and very small chip, such as 4*4mm
  4. High precision for adjusting the chip, magnet inside, auto fix, more fast and convenient

Package includes :
  • 1pcs x BGA Reballing Station

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