Universal Electric Iron Tip Cleaning Sponge Replacement Pads Yellow

Size: 35*45mm
Color: Blue


35*45mm 60*60mm rectangular electric iron tip cleaning sponge, high temperature resistant sponge for cleaning soldering iron tip, universal soldering iron tip welding cleaning pads, replacement pads for solder iron tip cleaner cleaning sponge - yellow or blue, Fits for removing solder residue and cleaning PCB components.

Rectangular Cleaning Sponge Electric Iron Tip Cleaning Pads - Yellow Blue

Specification :
  • Shape: Square Sponge
  • Optional Size: 35*45mm / 60*60mm
  • Color: Yellow / Blue
  • Uses: Electric iron head to remove oxide layer, soldering iron welding

Package includes :
  • 1pcs x Soldering iron cleaning sponge

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