Universal Hot Air Gun Nozzle for 850 Series Soldering Rework Station

Package: 10pcs Nozzle
Option: Without Iron Tips


12 kinds silvery hot air gun nozzle set for 850 series hot air gun soldering rework station, high quality hot air gun nozzles replacement parts for mobile phone components soldering repair, universal hot air gun nozzles replacement for 850 series soldering station, compatible with heat gun: 850, 850B, 850b, 850A, 852, 852D, 852D+, 8502D+, 950, 952, 990A, 990D.

Universal Hot Air Gun Nozzle Sleeve Set Soldering Replacement Parts for 850 Series HOT Air Soldering Rework Station

Option Type :

  • Option 1: 10pcs Nozzles
  • Option 2: 12pcs Nozzles

Specification : 
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm,1 2mm, 10*10mm, 13*13mm, 16.5*16.5mm, 22.5*22.5mm

Features :
  1. No air leak, highly univeral and heat resistant
  2. Easy to replace, high-quality steel, durable material
  3. Effective way to avoid the hot air gap between the outlet steel pipe to drain from the air nozzle with hot air gun
  4. Universal hot air gun nozzle replacement is used for soldering the different components of phone motherboard PCB boards
  5. The high quality replacement nozzles can be compatible with different series heat gun
  6. Suitable for a variety of hot air desoldering station use: (850, 850B, 850b, 850A, 852, 852D, 852D+, 8502D+, 950, 952, 990A, 990D Series Universal Heat Gun)

Package included :

  • 10 / 12pcs: 850 Heat Gun Nozzle Set

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