Mechanic MR6 Pro PCB Desoldering Holder Fixture For Phone Repair Tool

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High temperature precision double-bearing holder fixture jig for iPhone chip desoldering fixture / glue remove tool, Mobile phone PCB motherboard repair tool, Mechanic MR6 Pro universal double-bearing PCB fixing fixture, cell phone logic board soldering repair tool

Mechanic MR6 Pro Universal PCB Holder Fixture Soldering Jig Fixture For Mobile Phone Motherboard Repair Tool

Product Features :
  1. Double axis linkage, dislocation buckle
  2. Add a variety of chip positioning slots and component storage slots
  3. Thickened double-layer bottom plate, stable and good handle
  4. Applicable to all kinds of mobile motherboard maintenance.
  5. The bottom material is made of alloy steel. Stable, high temperature and corrosion resistant.
  6. Scope of application: Besides fixing the main board, the fixture also can fixed CPU, hard disk, and other precision IC requiring degumming.

Product Specification :
  • Item No.: MR6 Pro
  • Brand Name: Mechanic
  • Model: Mechanic Double-bearing Fixture
  • Color: Blue + Yellow
  • Product Size: About 155*85*22mm
  • Packing Size: About 185*108*24mm

Package List :
  • 1pcs x PCB Holder Fixture

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