Safety Clear Lens Goggles Anti-chemical Soldering Eye Protective Glasses

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This glasses is a professional goggles, which is used for protecting eyes from soldering, weld, laser, and others, universal safety protective glasses without diopters for cell phone repair, anti-fog anti-chemical anti-impact weld goggles soldering professional safety glasses.

Safety Goggles Eye Protective Glasses Goggles PC Clear Lens

The safety glasses is a 1:1 OTG functional glasses, without Diopters, it's for anyone. Lens color clear, lightweight design, lens coating anti-fog, frame color blue, size universal. Adjustable glasses temples and optional lens coatings for different work environments.

1. Easily fits over personal glasses
2. Port vents prevent fogging
3. Provides required eye protection for many power tool applications
4. Lightweight and durable polycarbonate lenses
5. New in packaging safety goggles
6. Frame Color: Blue

Please note these goggles & glasses are for use against moderate impact hazards, but are not unbreakable.

Package includes:
1 X Safety Goggles

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