iPad Pro WIFI BT Module IC 339S00446 Wifi IC 339S00445 For iPad A1893

Option: 339S00445


iPad Pro 2018 Wifi module IC and Wifi IC 339S0044 339S00445 for iPad A1893 repair, Wifi IC 339S00445 339S00446 Wifi BT module for iPad Pro 2018 A1893 motherboard repair, iPad Pro 2018 Wifi module IC 339S00446 339S00445 Wifi IC.

Wifi IC 339S00446 Wifi BT Module 339S00445 Chip For iPad Pro 2018 A1893

Optional Types:
  • Option 1: 339S00446 Wifi IC
  • Option 2: 339S00445 Wifi IC

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x Wifi Module IC

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