Used iCloud Locked ID iPhone 6 6S 7 8 X Logic Board Skills Training



ID iCloud locked iPhone motherboard, iCloud locked ID iPhone 6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X logic board repair, iCloud unlocked iPhone 6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P motherboard, Unlocked iPhone mainboard with fingerprint, without Touch ID, you can practice phone PCB repair skills with these ID unlocked phone motherboards, and get some useful phone replacement parts.

Used iPhone 6/6S 7/7Plus 8/8P X Motherboard Without iCloud Locked ID For iPhone Logic Board Repair

[ Optional Model ] : We have more iPhone motherboard, pls contact with our seller
  • Option 1: Working iPhone 6 Motherboard (16G), without fingerprint - 100USD
  • Option 2: iPhone 6P Motherboard (16G) , without fingerprint or with fingerprint - 110USD
  • Option 3: iPhone 6S Motherboard (16G), without fingerprint or with fingerprint 100-125USD
  • Option 4: iPhone 6SP Motherboard (16G) - without fingerprint or with fingerprint   135-155USD
  • Option 5: iPhone 7 Motherboard (16G) - without fingerprint or with fingerprint 200-215USD
  • Option 6: iPhone 7P Motherboard (16G) - without fingerprint or with fingerprint 240-265USD

Remark : iPhone 6 7 8 X logic board with Apple ID iCloud account, it is iCloud locked iphone mainboard, it is not the working motherboard, just use for training skill, no warranty.

ID Motherboard : It is locked phone logic board, can't working well, Replace / move some useful ICs or parts to unlocked phone motherboard, remove iCloud locked ID from another motherboard. just enter the Apple ID Activation interface, can't enter the iOS operation system.

Note:  we don't accept Paypal for the item, please contact us for the offline payment, need the professional phone repair skills and knowledge, or you can't use it.

Q: How to Unlock iPhone 6 6S 7 Plus iCloud ID by replacing Hardware?

A: It is working Motherboard without iCloud lock, just replace old motherboard, get new working iPhone

Model VC169: It is old iPhone 4-5S + 6 6S Plus iCoud unlock Replacement Chips

Model FX0231: It is iPhone 6 6S Plus iCloud unlock Replacement Chips

Model FX171: It is working iPhone Motherboard Board without iCloud locked

Package includes :
1pcs x ID iCloud Locked iPhone Motherboard

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