UT658 Mini USB Tester Charger Current Multimeter Digital LCD Display

Size: UT658


UNI-T UT658 / UT658B USB Tester Phone Repair Chargers Voltmeter Tester

UNI-T UT658 / UT658B USB Tester is phone repair Chargers Voltmeter Tester and U Disk Doctor, Capacity Test MAX 9V with Data Storage, cell phone repair USB Port Output Current and Output voltage Tester Detector.

The output voltage of the charger output current, output power, output voltage stability for full inspection, more scientifically, instruct the user to use electronics, extend the life of electronic products.

Through UNI-T UT65, you can test different charging cable charging current, allowing you to select the optimal charging line, saving you the charging time.

Package List : 
1 x UNI-T USB Tester

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