UV Glue Dryer 21 51 LED Ultraviolet Flashlight For Phone Screen Repair

Size: 21pcs LED


21/51pcs LED light UV glue dryer, mini ultraviolet flashlight for refurbish LCD screen and mobile phone circuit board repair tools, purple light blacklight flashlight for LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive) glue, 21pcs / 51pcs LED UV blacklight flashlight ultraviolet lamp light for phone screen repair tool.

UV Glue Dryer LED Purple Light Ultraviolet Flashlight for Phone Screen Repair Tool

[ Option type 0-5W ] :    

  • Option 1: 21pcs LED
  • Option 2: 51pcs LED

Durable Flashlight : The ultraviolet flashlight is made of premium aluminum material. The surface is wear-resistant with non-slip handle, waterproof and dustproof, making it use longer time.

Usage : Money detector, night fishing, according to drift, according to the prayer beads, according to traces of forensic class of special purpose industries use.

Efficient Inspector & Multi-functional Tool : Hotel room inspection, reveal hidden pet stains fluids, detect scorpions bed bugs, authenticate counterfeit currency, etc. The essential tool for law enforcement, postal inspections, customs, HVAC repair.

UV can be used to detect fluorescent substances : wavelength 395-410nm UV blood fingerprints and other body fluids can be used, shot residue testing

UV Glue Curing Lamp LED Ultraviolet light for Mobile Phone Circuit Board Repair, Green Oil Curing Purple Light For iPhone / ipad Circuit Board repair.

Package List :

  • 1pcs x UV Flashlight

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