UYUE 3600 75W Double Handle Soldering Station Dual Solder Iron

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professional Technology With Good BGA soldering repair Tools, improve efficiency, save time, time is money, you will be pleasure when using good soldering repair tools

Best-in-class performance
Heat up in seconds
Quickly return to temperature
Precise temperature

Model: UYUE 3600
Power: 75W
Maximum peak power: 140 W
Power for soldering pen: 20w / 50w
Sleeping model: 10w
Sleeping model: 4 w
Adjustable temperature: 95-400 degrees
Display method: LED digital display
Airflow type: Gentle brushless fan
Input power: 110/220VAC + -10
Output voltage: 24VAC
Settings: Adjust button
Ambient temperature: 40 degrees
Welding nozzle impedance: <2 ohms (Ground impedance)
Welding nozzle voltage: V5MV (Ground impedance)

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