YOUYUE 3600 75W Double Handle Soldering Station Dual Solder Iron

Voltage: 220V


YOUYUE 3600 soldering rework station with dual soldering iron for mobile phone CPU BGA motherboard soldering repair, double purpose thermostatic soldering station, YOUYUE-3600 dual soldering irons digital soldering station with 2-channel handles, 95-400 degree temperature adjustable soldering station, professional technology with good BGA soldering repair tools, improve efficiency, save time, time is money, you will be pleasure when using good soldering repair tools.

YOUYUE 3600 Dual Head Digital Soldering Irons Thermostatic Soldering Station with 2-Channel Handles

Product Features :
  1. Anti-static function : Exquisite appearance, surface resistance 3 ohms
  2. Easy to operate : Soldering station with digital display and accurate temperature control
  3. Delicate handle : Insert the handle to automatically sleep, pick up the handle and immediately rise to the set temperature
  4. Small and feel good : The handle is powerful
  5. Handle interface : Can connect soldering pen 2210, 2245, soldering gun AP1300, Tweezers PA1200 or PA4200
  6. Handle connector with 7 holes
  7. Cooling air vents : Fast heat dissipation, stable operation and better protection of components from damage
  8. Power switch : Besides are built-in fuse and power interface
  9. Control two kinds of tools simultaneously : The two-channel soldering station can work while the handle is on the other side while the other handle is in the sleep state.
Best-in-class performance
Heat up in seconds
Quickly return to temperature
Precise temperature

Product Functions :
  • Model: YOUYUE 3600
  • Power: 75W
  • Maximum peak power: 140 W
  • Power for soldering pen: 20w / 50w
  • Sleeping model: 10w
  • Sleeping model: 4 w
  • Adjustable temperature: 95-400 degrees
  • Display method: LED digital display
  • Airflow type: Gentle Brushless fan
  • Input power: 110/220VAC + -10
  • Output voltage: 24VAC
  • Settings: Adjust button
  • Ambient temperature: 40 degrees
  • Welding nozzle impedance: <2 ohms (Ground impedance)
  • Welding nozzle voltage: V5MV (Ground impedance)

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