W2018 DC Power Supply Test Cable for iPhone 5S 6 7 8 X



W2018 Dedicated Power Cable for iPhone 5S 6 7 8 X Phone PCB Repair

Features: iPhone PCB Repair dedicated power cable for checking the working current of iPhone to judge PCB fault, fixing all series iphone mode reboot / restart automatically, Fix report too high temperature

  1. Support iPhone 5 5S 5C 6 6P SE 6S 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X
  2. Four USB output ports, allowing you to expand and upgrade indefinitely.
  3. Users can DIY connect external ammeter, convenient to see the working current of mobile phone during work process.
  4. Users can directly buckle to the iPhone mainboard to check the iPhone working current, convenient to judge the mobile phone fault.
  5. Multiple protection, built-in intelligent management chip can avoid the problems of cell phone high temperature and standby restart.
  6. The normal battery power can be displayed when iPhone single board turning on.
  7. High quality reinforced copper core wire, ultra 3A current nonlinear USB cable with 24-hour test, ensuring the stability of current and voltage, environmental friendly soft, flame retardant outer coating, durable wire rod!
  8. There are 3 protection for the power cable PCB board: anti voltage counterattack, anti backflow design, anti paint.

Old MJ-9302 iPhone Repair Power Cable is out of stock, new design W2018 iphone PCB repair dedicated power cable.

Package List:
1 x W2018 Dedicated Power Cable

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