WL HT007 Heating Soldering Station for iPhone X XS MAX BGA Reballing

Package: HT007 Host
Option: Without board


WL HT007 Intelligent Layered Heating Soldering Station for iPhone X XS XS Max

Optional Type :

  • Option 1: Heating Soldering Station Host
  • Option 2: For iPhone X-XS MAX Pre-Heating groove
  • Option 3: For iPhone 11-11 pro max Pre-Heating groove
  • Option 4: For iPhone X-11 pro max Pre-Heating groove

Features : 

  1. Support voltage 110V-220V.
  2. Output safe voltage 24V DC high performance intelligent welding station.
  3. The dynamic temperature is displayed in real time by a microcomputer and the eddy current heating system makes the power smaller and the heating efficiency higher.
  4. The resistance heating + electromagnetic induction heating at the same time makes the eddy current heating more powerful.
  5. The optimum precise welding temperature can be calculated in real time by synchronous ambient temperature, which makes the welding work more ideal and convenient.

Advantage : 

  1. Bandung universal welding platform, supporting the use of soldering iron, supporting the expansion of iPhone x xs xs Max Layered motherboard, tin planting, bonding.
  2. Heating the central column only! Protect motherboard IC from damage!
  3. Supporting computer control, timely warning of tin melting, customizable time, and soldering iron
  4. Hibernation function, one-click memory temperature function and so on!

Packing list : 

  • 1pcs x Heating Soldering Station
  • 1pcs x USB Cable
  • 1pcs x Power Cable
  • 1pcs x Handle
  • 5pcs x Tips

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