WL Magnetic BGA Reballing Stencils For iPhone 5 6 7 8 X 11 Pro Max

Option: 5C 5S 5
Base: Without Base


WL magnetic NAND BGA reballing stencils template with positioning mold for iPhone XS MAX soldering repair tool kit, WL NAND BGA reballing stencils net with black positioning mold for iPhone motherboard repair, WL high quality soldering BGA reballing stencils with fixed plate, high accuracy phone Baseband BGA reballing stencils template for iPhone 5 6 7 8 X XS XR XS Max NAND baseband soldering rework

WL Top Quality Fast Speed BGA Reballing Solder Stencils Template with Black Positioning Mold For iPhone 6 7 8 X XS NAND Baseband Soldering Repair

[ Optional Types ] :
  • Option 1: iPhone 5/5S Baseband and NAND
  • Option 2: iPhone 6/6P Baseband and NAND
  • Option 3: iPhone 6S/6SP Baseband and NAND
  • Option 4: iPhone 7/7P Baseband and NAND
  • Option 5: iPhone 8/8P/X Baseband and NAND
  • Option 6: iPhone XS MAX XR Baseband and NAND

Product Introduction :
Quality is very good
Magnetic base + positioning plate + tin mesh ( Together to use )
WL BGA reballing stencils kit come with black positioning mold
WL high accuracy BGA reballing stencils template for iPhone 5S 6 6P 7 8 X XS Max NAND and Baseband soldering repair

0.12mm thickness, high hardness, hardly deformed, increase the success rate on BGA reballing solder working, it is the top quality BGA reballing stencil for iPhone CPU and NAND, for 6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X XR XS XS Max

Notice :
Black positioning mold with fixed plate, easy to use and more accurate CPU IC welding position.
The Black Positioning Mold just match with the right BGA Reballing Stencil.

[ Option Aluminum Mold Base ] : it is universal, can fit with any black positioning mold, ( Choose different package ), and just 1pcs aluminum mold base, easy for your working, and also save money

[ Option Positioning Mold - Black ] : Not universal, can't working with different BGA reballing stencil, need the right model BGA reballing stencil, the black positioning mold just match with the right BGA reballing stencil.

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