WL PCIE NAND Test Fixture for iPhone 8 8P X 11 Pro Max Data Read Write

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WL Special Custom PCIE NAND Test Fixture NAND Error Repair Tool for iPhone 8 8P X XS MAX XR 11 PRO MAX, Support iPhone 8 8P X XS MAX XR 11 Pro MAX NAND underlying data.

New Style WL PCIE iPhone NAND Test Fixture For iPhone 8 8P X XS MAX XR 11 Pro Max NAND Underlying Data Programming Tool, iPhone NAND Error Repair Tool is designed to Change iPhone NAND underlying data, Serial Number SN / Model / Country / Color modification, Repair iPhone 8 8P X NAND Error, Expand iPhone 8 Plus X NAND Memory Storage, WL Mini PCIE-8 NAND Test Fixture Just Compatible for iPhone 8 / 8Plus / X XS MAX XR 11 Pro max

Optional Type:

  • Option 1: 11- 11 pro max
  • Option 2: XR XS MAX
  • Option 3: 8 - X

iPhone 8 - 11 Pro Max NAND Test Fixture, Special Custom, Double Head with Claw, External Plating 24K gold, Contact Strength.

Support iPhone 8 - 11 Pro Max NAND underlying data, This iPhone NAND Test Repair machine is the professional Phone repair tool, need the professional skills and knowledge, or you can't use it.


  1. Adopt capacitive touch control, more sensitive and stable
  2. No need engineering lines, just use a common data cable for operation
  3. No battery, no charging, it supports plug-and-play
  4. Don't need Boot NAND Disk
  5. Check the direction of NAND automatically
  6. Added PCB circuit protection and NAND protection, will be light alarm
  7. With sleep mode
  8. Compatible for iPhone 8 - 11 Pro Max 


  1. Don't need Boot Nand Flash, easy to use
  2. Support iPhone 8 8P X NAND models: SN, country, color modification.
  3. Nand Flash capacity expansion or repair. Expand your iPhone 8 8P X Memory flash storage
  4. Batch / Mass Burning NAND, Fast and convenient
  5. Modify Nand underlying data. Kernel data file repairing
  6. Support Wifi underlying data repairing, remove WIFI Binding problem, changing WIFI IC anywhere
  7. 2 kinds mode: reading / writing mode, flashing mode
  8. When the Nand direction is error, automatic alarm, don't damged machine
  9. Fast testing Nand problem, good or bad?
  10. Support the functions updated and extended in future.

Package includes:

  • 1pc x WL PCIE Test Fixture 

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