WL PCIE Iphone NAND Programmer for Iphone 6S 7 7P NAND Repair



WL PCIE NAND Flash IC Programmer for iphone 6s 6sP 7 7P 5SE / iPad pro, brand new WL PCIE iphone 7 7P NAND Test Fixture for Repair Mainboard HDD Chip (NAND) Serial Number (SN) Model.

WL PCIE 6S 7 7P NAND Flash Programmer iphone 7 7P NAND Test Fixture 

New WL PCIE Module will replace old WL PCIE-7 machine, Adopt capacitive touch control, more sensitive and stable

iPhone 6S-7P NAND Test Fixture, Special Custom, Double Head with Claw, External Plating 24K gold, Contact Strength.

WL PCIE NAND Flash IC Programmer / iPhone 6s-7P NAND Test Fixture, NAND Serial Number SN / Model / Country / Color modification, modify the underlying data on NAND, Expand iPhone / ipad Memory Storage, Repair NAND Flash error, supppor for latest Apple PCIE NAND: 6s 6sP 7 7P 5SE / iPad pro, 

WL software: support - English, Chinese, Vietnam, (Top qulity PCIE NAND Adapter and PCIE logo on machine )

Don't need Boot NAND Disk
Can release Wi-Fi limitatin from NAND
Check the direction of NAND automatically
added PCB circuit protection and NAND protection, will be light alarm
also with sleep mode, save battery and power.

main function:

Read / Write PCIE NAND SN (serial number), Model, region (country), Color, WIFI & Bluetooth. and NAND underlying data.working on iphone 6s 6sP 7 7P 5SE / iPad pro (12.9" / 9.7")
Restore New NAND with iTunes
Support Mass write Mode, Save time

Note: Before using the software and operation, pls install / update the latest iTunes software.

          Software support win 7/8/10 64bit software, also support 32bit OS
          If you need the all mode iphnoe NAND, pls contact with us.
          the USB engineering data cable need good quality, not normal iphone data cable.

WL PCIE -7/7P NAND Test Fixture software download:

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