WL PPD120SL 3-IN-1 Hot Air Rework Station PCB Desoldering Station



WL PPD120SL 3-IN-1 A8 A9 CPU desoldering Station and hot air rework station

iPhone A8 A9 CPU Intelligence Desoldering Station and electric soldering iron Station, unsolder the A8 A9 CPU from iPhone motherboard, don't need the hot Air Rework station, working on 230℃, it is the best tool for unsolder iPhone A8 A9 CPU.

Setting parameters (Temperature) : 
  1. Take apart screen cover 180℃-220℃
  2. CPU edge glue 180℃-220℃
  3. Take off A8 A9 CPU 230℃-240℃
  4. Desmearing 180℃-200℃
  5. Reballing BGA chip 180℃-200℃
  6. Soldering A8 A9 CPU 190℃-210℃

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