WTR3925 Frequency Control IC RF Transceiver IC Chip for iPhone 8 X

Option: WCN3990


WTR5975 midfrequency IC chip for iPhone 8 X motherboard repair, WTR3925 RF frequency control IC for iPhone, PM8005 Power IC are excellent solution to replace and repair your Xiaomi Mi 6 cell phones, Replacemrnt part for replacing damaged or unusable iPhone 8 X Midfrequency IC

WTR5975 Midfrequency IC WiFI IC Chip WCN3990 PM8005 Power IC For iPhone 8 X Motherboard Repair

[ Optional IC ] :
  • Option 1: WCN3990 Xiaomi Wifi IC
  • Option 2: PM8005 Baseband Power IC
  • Option 3: WTR5975
  • Option 4: 5757 Intel midfrequency 

Features :
  1. 100% tested with high quality.
  2. Special use for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X, Xiaomi, Sansung.
  3. Replacing your broken, damaged or unusable Baseband Power IC / Wifi IC Chip

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