Xiaomi Deep Flash Cable Open Port 9008 Support for All BL Locks

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Xiaomi Deep Flash Cable + Type C Adapter Open Port 9008 Support All BL Locks

Xiaomi Phone deep flash cable, Open port 9008, Supports all BL locks, Xiaomi phone Engineering with free adapter, Support millet 4i / C, millet 4C / millet 4S / 5 millet / millet note with the top / red rice Note3 full Netcom / red rice 3, Brush mode fast boot. 

Millet new machine no brush / Unlock / Lock Solutions account will prompt BL lock protection, can not be normal, the use of this special sale of original works of millet can line depth Brush / bypass BL lock, forced into 9008 mode. The product supports all Qualcomm phones millet BL lock lock solution account any brush, ignoring BL lock. I would like to brush brush.

Millet engineering support line BL has a lock machines

Millet engineering networks, Brush line depth, supports all millet BL lock Qualcomm cell phone! Forced into 9008 mode, the depth of Brush!

Support Xiaomi Phone model:

Supports all Qualcomm phones millet locks BL, BL no lock or a non-Qualcomm chip phone does not support

There are currently sorting out the lock BL models are: millet 4S, 4i, 4C millet 5, 3 red rice, red rice note 3

Xiaomi Flash Cable -- What is deep flash ?
The fault equipment can enter FAST Boot mode through the volume down key and the power button combinations and the driver can be recognized normally.

But for the fault equipment which has damaged deeply in the system and unable to properly identify the port,the deep flash will be needed, .

1. take out the battery of the fault equipment
2. connect computers by usb cables
3.conduct the deep flash point by metal tools,
4.force the underlying driver of the chip to work, so that computer can identify the USB port.

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