YOUYUE Dual Purpose Thermostatic Digital Soldering Rework Station

Voltage: 110V


YOUYUE-3600 Dual Soldering Iron Thermostatic Soldering Rework Station with 2 Channel Handles For Mobile Phone Welding Repair Tool

YOUYUE-3600 double purpose thermostatic digital soldering station with 2-channel handles, phone soldering rework station with dual soldering iron for mobile phone CPU BGA motherboard soldering repair, YOUYUE 95-400 degree temperature adjustable soldering station, it is a professional technology with good BGA soldering repair tools, improve efficiency, save time, time is money, you will be pleasure when using good soldering repair tools.

Product Features :

  1. Anti-static function : Exquisite appearance, surface resistance 3 ohms
  2. Easy to operate : Soldering station with digital display and accurate temperature control
  3. Delicate handle : Insert the handle to automatically sleep, pick up the handle and immediately rise to the set temperature
  4. Small and feel good : The handle is powerful
  5. Handle interface : Can connect soldering pen 2210, 2245, soldering gun AP1300, Tweezer PA1200 or PA4200
  6. Handle connector with 7 holes
  7. Cooling air vents : Fast heat dissipation, stable operation and better protection of components from damage
  8. Power switch : Besides are built-in fuse and power interface

Features :

  1. Best-in-class performance
  2. Heat up in seconds
  3. Quickly return to temperature
  4. Precise temperature

Product Parameters :

  • Model: YOUYUE-3600
  • Product Name: Dual soldering iron thermostatic soldering station
  • Power: 75W
  • Max-peak power: 140W
  • Available soldering iron power: 20W or 50W
  • Temperature control range: 250-450℃
  • Sleep Mode: 10W
  • Hibernate Mode: 4W
  • Input voltage: 220V±10
  • Output voltage: AC 24V
  • Display Way: LED digital display
  • Setting Way: Buttons adjustment
  • Temperature stability: ±1℃ (Static)Ambient temperature: 10-40℃
  • Soldering Iron Impedance: <2Ω(ground impedance)
  • Soldering iron voltage: <5mV(ground impedance)
  • Net weight: 5.5kg
  • Gross weight: 6.2kg
  • Product Size: 150*117*98mm
  • Package Size: 345*310*190mm

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