Z3X Pro Box Samsung LG Android Phones Repair Flashing Unlock Tool

Package: Z3X Box LG Edition -20pcs cables


Z3X BOX is an ultimate flashing, mobile unlocking, repair IMEI and full service tool for Samsung and LG phones

Option Version:
Option 1: Z3X Box LG Edition -20pcs cables
Option 2: Z3X Box Samsung Edition -30pcs cables
Option 3: Z3X Box Samsung + LG Edition -55pcs cables

- Agere, Sysol, Swift, Infenion, OMAP and Qualcomm platforms are supported.
- Alphabetical phone model selection or selection by platform from Z3X Shell.
- Auto displaying information about required cable for each model selected.
- Auto displaying information if the phone must be connected with battery or without it.
- Smart Card firmware online update.
- Multi-language interface.
- Configuration files exchange between the users.
- Loading news from the server about update versions and plans.
- Uses flash files in original format (only UMTS).
- Works with swap PCB.
- Service features (Battery calibration/LCD contrast/RX TX, ... reset).
- Automatic login to support area from Z3X Shell (Support Button).
- Free Updates
Supported Models And Features ( also check news area)

UMTS Supported Features:
Reads phone info.
Single-file flashing.
High-speed flashing.
Resets all types of locking.
Bypass MSL and MSL2 security.
IMEI repair*.
“Phone freeze” repair.

Broadcomm Module Supported Features:
-Flash reading/writing.
-EPROM reading/writing.
-Calibration data reading/writing.
-Reads network code.
-Resets all locks.
-IMEI repair.

SYSOL / SWIFT Module Supported Features:
-Flash writing/reading (NOR and NAND flash), writes flash to any address allotted for flashing.
-Erase/read/safe verify flash for any region or all flashes.
-EPROM read/write/auto restore.
-Writing IMEI and unlocking in flash mode (no bypass MSL, no more bugs) supported for all present and future models.
-Visual calibration of battery settings.
-IMEI repair in SWAP without correct EPROM writing.
-Auto restore/save EPROM zone.
-Resets all locks.
-Writes BT (Bluetooth).

Agere Module Supported Features:
-Reads phone info.
-Flash read/write (flash soft in normal mode, difference mode, erase region settings).
-Super fast USB flashing mode available for Agere phones.
-Erase/download/safe verifies flash (no use OptiFlash method) for any region or all flashes.
-Writes BT(Bluetooth), generates random BT address and writes more data (s/n, HW ... )
-PTE command processor: to use script files for add many operations by "One click".
-Repairs IMEI using PTE command (test mode), flash mode (generated EPROM) or calibration mode (new type EPROM).
-All types of locks direct (fast) reset using PTE command or flash mode.
-Rewrites IMEI of the swap PCB (for Authorized Service Center).
-“Phone freeze” repairing.
-Repairing "Phone locked return for servicing", "Wrong Card".
-FFS format without content file upload (for repair startup blink phone).
-Operation with OTP: verify, write and lock (for Authorized Service Center only).

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