ZXW Online Account Replace Zxw Dongle iPhone iPad Circuit Diagram

Package: 30 days


V3.0 ZXW Online account soft circuit diagram ( Replace ZXW DONGLE ) for iPhone and iPad logic boards, with BlackFish software

Zillion x Work V3.0 ZXWsoft ZXWteam circuit diagram for repair / diagnose iPhone and iPad logic boards, online account v3.0 ZXWsoftware will replace old zxw DONGLE, V3.0 zxwsoft zxwteam Repair iphone circuit board and phone PCB circuit diagram. original Zillion x Work ZXW DONGLE for phone PCB circuit diagram, ZXW dongle for iphone / samsung / HTC / LG / iPad..., with blackfish function, mobile phone circuit board easily measured, pads circuit diagram Network.

Online V3.0 ZXWSoft ZXWTEAM software download:
or https://mega.nz/#!1BdHWS7J!D6Vo7l-jP1Ba7SSSNpK7uKiqpd38ENOVWIlImm2RxdY
Don't need USB dongle, just online Account and PassWord

V3.0 ZXW is online account, you need register the account
pls register the account by following this step,

Step: ※website: https://t.zxwsoft.com/user/FastReg.aspx.
※Then send your account and password to us.
※We will activate your account in 24hours, you can change the password later.
then run v3.0 software,
don't need the usb dongle

2018 v2.6 ZXWTEAM Dongle has 10 languages, they were English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian and Portuguese, the users can choose different languages according to their needs. more information: https://www.vipprogrammer.com/news/2018-latest-zxw-dongle-26-version-user-manual-new-functions-post-1104.html

Original Zillion x Work ZXW dongle phone logic boards repairing drawings For iphone / iPad / Nokia / Samsung / HTC....

Package List:
1 PC ZXW Dongle

Software download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzMEvK0bAD0eTFQ2Rm1FNUdqbkU/view?usp=sharing

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